Complete Range of Services: With extensive, in-house service teams, including steel resources and tool designers, Tai Kin group offers the full array of services to complete orders of any size of tooling and can meet any need.
Modern Manufacturing: Four divisions utilizing the state-of-the-art technology enable Taikin group to work quickly and efficiently, with a great amount of flexibility. Taikin makes a point of employing the finest engineers and tool-makers available in order to ensure our products are manufactures with skill and quality.
Full Service Team: Taikin Group employs a team of over 200 plus experienced and talented staff. Dedicated teams of designers, administratives and customer service representatives ensure that every facet of the customer experience is met with professional, personal service.
Total Commitment: Taikin group has full reputation for delivering quality and consistency to our customers. Orders are delivered on schedule. Clients are treated with honesty and integrity. Taikin prides itself on personalized service, with a high regard for discretion.
Competitive Prices: Utilizing of industrial relations, reliable sourcing and in-house modern manufacturing methods, Taikin can produce top-quality products at extremely competitive prices. This translates into increased profits for our customers.

Extensive Product Selection: Taikin group offers the full spectrum of Mold bases, Die sets, precision inserts, finshed plates, die-mold std parts for the tooling industry. Die sets products from high-end custom pieces and accessories. Having a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant with the guidance of expert engineers along with strong support from top management.